Ian is a proponent of universal pre-K, and supports fully-funding public schools to improve educational outcomes and to address Indiana’s teacher shortage. Ian will be a champion not only for the classroom teachers and students, but for the non-certified staff including instructional assistants. His immediate priorities include:

  • Giving Hoosier teachers the raise they deserve.
  • Investing more state dollars in traditional public schools.
  • Repeal unnecessary PGP requirements for teacher licensure.


Ian is in favor of raising the state-level minimum wage to reduce poverty and income inequality, increase economic activity, and encourage job growth. He will also be a voice in workers’ rights and the restoration of unions because the labor movement and labor unions have given voice to fair wages, safe working conditions, and collective bargaining.

Since the summer of 2018, the district has lost approximately 600 coal jobs. Ian will be an advocate for transition programs to help these displaced workers move to a new career, not just an interim job. Indiana must reclaim a place of leadership for both business and working families, so that Indiana is a ‘state that works’ for ALL Hoosiers.